I am always surprised and my response to that is WTF???????????

Yeah the title says the truth. I don’t know how series of incidences are happening in my life. Everyday I get lot of surprises. There was a time I was happy if someone plan surprises for me and now I say OH GOD!!!!!!! No more surprises please.

I am so sick of it. Last time, I told you about worst day of my life in which I got the news that I didn’t appeared for the exam (which was my last chance), my ex shifted to Canada and my best friend like brother is engaged.

Wondering what happened today???????

Well, let me take you to some past stories of my life. I will link them time to time so that you can learn how things actually happened.

So, when I was doing my B.Tech I was deeply in love with Himanshu (my Ex) and there were few incidents that came up in our relations which created differences between us and so is the trust. So, to overcome the fear of loosing him I decided to do online chatting. I came across Yahoo Messenger. Well, in my days the chatrooms were the best to stay connected with new people.

There I met Nashad and after a long time of friendship we came in relationship. That time I was having 2 relationships at one time. Don’t worry, I will come up with Nashad life story one day.

Ummmmm so now I come up with another ex story today. Anyways moving forward with that today I get to know he is married.

You must be thinking why is it a surprise to you when you both are not committed. He was your ex and he got married. One day you’ll marry someone too.

Ummm yeah! I know that. But the thing with him is that 1 week before coming up with the news of his marriage he said that I am special for him and he would like to marry me and all other stuff. And week after he said he is MARRIED.

When he first flashed the news, I thought it’s a joke as he usually make me fool by saying different things at different time. But today it came as a SHOCKER when I asked for the picture and he forwarded me.


I was like ===>

WTF!!!! It’s so damn true that he is married.

I wanted to ask him why he said that he love me when he was going to marry someone else. But I can’t.

I seriously can’t. I am fed up of all these things. I am so wrong in understanding people. I used to think that I am too clever to understand a person instincts. But, I am too Dumb. I can’t find the difference between Good and Bad.

You know what I replied. I said “I am happy for you”. Because my queries are worthless now. He is with someone else.

I don’t want to abuse, I don’t want to shout loud that you betrayed, or neither I want to cry.

Say it a coincidence or a message of God. I got an email at the same time when I was asking myself “How to know about the RIGHT & WRONG Person in life”.

And from that email subject I got answers to my question. It stated:

Don’t get too attached!!!!

So guys and girls, that’s the story of day and the lesson I learned. Lesser you attached least are the chances to hurt yourself.

I have done some terrible mistakes. and I have learned from them. I don’t say I am the RIGHT person but I am proud to be a BETTER person. 🙂

Stay tuned to get more real life stories…… 😉


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