Why can’t me?????????

Yes Yes I promised that I will post some stories and I haven’t put anything for a while. I have been happy lately or you can say I wasn’t aware that things gonna turn me down with a lot of sad events in a day.

So, here I am. After 5 days from that bad day. I can say it’s the WORST day 😦 of my life.

After reading this many people will say

“oh!! you think it’s a bad day. See the other person who had gone through much worse than you.”

But by saying are you doing a justice to the person who is sad????

Well, If I would be the person with whom the other person shared remorse, I shall be helping her/him out to handle it. Though I can’t feel his/her pain but I will stand by their side to give them the positivity to let go of things.

So, yeah the WORST day of my life is 1 May 2017. Like every other day I woke up in afternoon and saw text from my Best friend Surabhi. She asked me why I was not present in the today’s exam.

And guys YES I did skipped my LAST CHANCE for M.tech Exam because I wasn’t aware that it is going to happen in April. I was thinking of it to come by the end of May or start of June. It was a SHOCK 😮 for me as I was DEAD serious to clear this exam at any cost. Already the result for previous exam shocked me in which each classmate cleared the exam. Even the people who wrote every word copied from my sheet in that paper.

I was so upset that I called the only person whom I called when I am feeling like dying. And he is my Ex-boyfriend Himanshu. When I called I found his both numbers were off.

Now you all are thinking why I am calling my Ex???? Am I stupid or something?

Well it’s a long story which you will get to know soon.

So yeah his numbers were not working. My heart pounded thinking he might me in trouble or something. I called his best friend which is like a brother to me. I called him and cried like hell ;( for my exam as I don’t want to come up straight with the question about my ex.

After 5 minutes of condolences he told me that Himanshu left to Toronto. Hearing that he left me without telling made me cry from inside. I can’t let go of the feeling that the person who made so many promises left me without telling me. Even if he would have messaged me I shall be very happy for him.

I am HAPPY for him but I am sad at the same time. I am sad because I always believed even we are not together anymore, I will be the first one to know when he is happy or sad. But I am not that one. Maybe he got someone or may be he found someone soon. God knows his plans.

But my chapter is over in his life. But my heart is still pounding thinking of this for the last 5 days. I don’t know how I can let this feeling go. But, I feel broken 💔. Same as the day we broke up. When we decided we can’t stay together.

Time, this time changes a lot of things. There was a time we were madly in love with each other and today we are strangers.

It’s a new START to his life and I will always pray to God to bless him with all happiness he needs.

I don’t know if it’s LOVE ❤ or not but I will always be happy to see him happy.


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