My Story starts here…..

Hello Everyone,

I am the ONE among millions of people on this planet. I don’t know if I am right or wrong but I am here to speak what my heart says. We are given the freedom to speak but when we does the same; we are always judged by others. Some take as good talk and some take as bad talk. So it’s kind of humiliating when the things are misunderstood.

I am here to put my frustration out as an invisible girl. So, this might be coming in your mind who is this invisble girl? :p She might be some physcho or something? errrrrr… We always do that.

Well, by time you’ll get to know me through my words, my feelings and than you can compare yourselves. I might bring some positivity or negativity to you. It’s on you to bound up with these things. Though writing isn’t my thing; even I am not so good in English (eeeeeeeee I suck) but I’ll try to write better to make you understand.

I hope you’ll enjoy my roller coaster ride and I’ll keep posting new things here….

Hoping for a fresh start as a INVISIBLE GIRL. 😉


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